Hi & welcome to my blog. My name is Sophia and I want to share with you the method I found to be the most effective at getting rid of cellulite.

OK, so I will admit - around 6 months ago I had pretty bad cellulite on the backs and sides of my thighs that I was not proud of. To be honest I tried several cellulite treatments that just didn't work. I tried cellulite creams and anti cellulite pants all to no avail I have to say. After trying these useless cellulite remedies I decided to try and ignore the fact that I had such bad cellulite all over my lower half.

I tried hiding my cellulite in all sorts of ways. I wore big, baggy clothes that would hide the evidence. I even started getting changed in the dark so my husband wouldn't see that I had ended up with cottage cheese style skin.

After a while of going on like this I decided to try and do something about it. I took to researching the internet trying to find a genuine way to get rid of cellulite that actually worked. I don't know how, but one day I ended up on the website of a personal trainer who had spent years helping women get rid of their cellulite using a natural method. I watched the video on his blog and what he said made a lot of sense. I decided to download his system and give it a try.

I found that I could do the system in my own home and it only took up around 20 minutes a day. This was great, because as a busy mom of 2 I don't get a lot of free time! Anyway, I tried the program out. After a couple of weeks my thighs defenitely felt firmer and *looked* a whole lot firmer than they were before. The cellulite was actually starting to smooth out and was smoothing out even more as I continued each day with the program. After around 1 month I noticed that my cellulite was pretty much entirely gone! I was so happy to find something that actually managed to get rid of cellulite after wasting so much time and money on expensive and uselss cellulite creams and other silly treatments. I now am totally cellulite free and owe it to this personal trainer. You can see his offiical website here where he explains his system and how to get started.